Saturday, March 11, 2006

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I set out today to cover four op shops I've not visited yet (St Vinnies and Salvos Tuggeranong, St Vinnies and the second Salvos in Queanbeyan) and round off the experience with one I have that I like (Salvos Queanbeyan, just in case the others turned out to be rotters). And I did pretty well, after a slow start... For me:

Scarf: $2, Mug with trees on: 50 cents, 3 pairs knitting needles: $1 each, Brand new icing set (for the mythical cupcakes): $3, red tartan pencil case: 50 cents, 3 books: $9 total and a black and white jam pot (for when I have people over for scones with jam and cream): 50 cents.

I also added my other 2 bargains to the picture- 1 kg pasta: $1.60 and a set of black coloured pencils (if that makes sense?!): $3.00 from The Warehouse (which just happens to be right next door to The Salvos in Queanbeyan)And for other people:

Cool green single doona cover which could be used as is or cut up for small people clothes: $3, a very old and very thick white cotton sheet which was to go to V for Little but might end up in my fabric stash instead: $2, 2 books by Australian authors which I have but others might enjoy: $2, very old book on Rome for Alison to use with her kids to make their trip diaries during their upcoming European jaunt (I figured old buildings always look the same no matter how old the book is): $1 and a Frost French (!) scarf with ladies and lingerie: $2.Today's total: $26.50 (excluding pasta and pencils)

Pink Rocket wrote today about her method of scoping out a store. I don't really have a method yet except walk in, start at the left and work my way round, panicking the whole time that someone else has already got to the perfect treasure meant just for me. Is this a normal reaction when in an op shop?

I don't bother with clothes on the whole as I already have quite a lot and I've not had much luck the few times I've been to an op shop looking for clothing. Although I do a very quick check for anything black and white striped!

Areas I always check are books, kitchenware, manchester, craft stuff (usually hidden in about three or four areas - hats off to Vinnies Belconnen for their recent reorganisation which now puts fabric, wool, haberdashery and craft books all in the same place. Extra kudos for moving the sewing patterns to a display rack which displays them face out. Points off for still having the knitting needles way over the other side of the shop along with the buttons.)

Not many of the shops I go to have a furniture section but if there is one I usually have a quick peek but so far all I've found is stuff that looks like it should be at Revolve out at the tip.

Sew Thrifty suggested she might start taking pics of her fave op shops and post them on her blog. I got thinking - maybe we should set up a community blog with op shop reviews around the world - including addresses, opening hours and photos.

Waddaya think?

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Shanna said...

oooh! a community thrift blog from around the world; i like it!

awesome thrifty goodness!!!

Kristin said...

The idea of a community thrift blog is fabulous. I'm there.