Friday, December 04, 2009

My creative space

Is now cleaned out of the bits I was using for my final assessment, and contains a stack of new arrivals for summer crafty play: A toy screen printing set, picked up at Father Riley's in Bowral for $2. That'll fend off my Gocco cravings for a while!

A knitting needle case ($1 from Y's Buys Belconnen) which I'm planning to re purpose as I like the daisy fabric.

A stack of 9 vintage Golden Books for an experiment I plan to do very soon. Vinnies Moss Vale (or was it Mittagong?) 20 cents each.

The Crafty Minx book, newly arrived at the ACT Library Service. I love it when I'm the first person to get my mitts on a new library book, don't you?

Fabric paint for the screen printer. Bought new and retail (but cheaply)

Vintage covered button sets (50 cents each at the other Vinnies to the one above) to start rebuilding my stash of covered buttons. I lent my original stash to a colleague at an old job and it doesn't look like I'm getting them back...

Bracelet ($2, Vinnies Bowral) and set of three egg poachers (50 cents the lot, one of the "M" Vinnies): destined to be turned into crafty bracelets. Soon.

(Not seen) postcards and catalogue from the opening of the CIT Advanced Diploma of Visual Art and Design Practice Graduation Show at ANCA last night

And, finally, a ball of wool given to me by the knitting circle that was meeting in the library I was working in yesterday. I don't know if it was a gift to say thank you for telling them about Ravelry and Knitty or they recognised that slightly yearning look in my eye when I was admiring their knitting. I kept it in my pocket all afternoon like a pet.

(I'm late to the party. See here for other creative spaces)

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drey said...

Oooh I love southern highlands :) used to go quite often, might do again when we relocated to the blue mountains early next year!!!

loved seeing what you thrifted too!