Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What’s Hot + What’s Not Wednesday

What's hot:

* Successful experiments with leftover wool and free beads:
* Free music 1: I finally got my World Sweet World Summer Mixed Tape downloaded. Yay!

* Free music 2: Lots of lovely new music borrowed from the Library.

* (Almost) Free music 3: $1 CDs from Cash em In CDs.

* Whittaker's dark ginger chocolate.

* UHU tac white. (Blutac is so not me.)

* extra curricular zine.

* A one day only 20% off sale at Converse just when I was contemplating finally buying new stocks of One Stars after hearing from a friend in The States that she's happy for them to be bounced through her.

* (Finally) getting an email saying I can pick my final assessment work up today.

What's not:

* My favorite sushi place being closed for renovations until the New Year.

* The suspicion that the USB port on my computer is dead.

* The death of another sheet in the wash. But since I bought it in the Boxing Day sales before I moved from Sydney (almost 11 years ago) I guess that's OK...

(See more at Loobylu)


Leah said...

What might be hot is a dolls house at Salvos Phillip. But I know nothing about doll houses, so it might not be hot at all. In any case, it's 2 stories, no floor, not home made, and on top of a cupboard in the middle of a store.

Redness said...

MMMM great hot's and elev years from a sheet that's almost one too ;)
If you have time there's 70 buttons looking for a new home over on my Loobylu post ;)

Claire said...

Still yet to try the dark choc + ginger. Still enjoying the coconut so much. Love the beads!