Thursday, December 17, 2009

My creative space

looks like a bomb went off in it. (In the nicest possible way, of course...) If you look closely you can see the remnants of last week's stuff, layered with this week's creativity:

* Woolly biscuit tin from Trash and Treasure ($2).

This year's Judy Horacek Avant card waiting to go into my visual diary.

* Completed
baby hat waiting for pressing.

* Beads, wool and needles left over from
the bracelet experiment.

Vintage patterns that I've started playing with.

* My trip diary
from Noumea. Which I've finally started printing photos for.

* Booties waiting for me to have the patience to practice my kitchener stitch.

* Map so I can find
Sturt Summer School. I didn't mention that, did I? I'm off to learn how to draw next month.

* Cupcake hat pattern which I used to make
the cupcake tea cosy with. And since I appear to have promised a cupcake tea cozy to Craft ACT for Christmas, I thought I should dig it out.

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