Sunday, December 20, 2009

I've decided. Days off are dangerous.

Especially when they involve trips to Trash and Treasure before breakfast with an out of town blog buddy, a visit to one of the two op shops open on a Sunday in Canberra, a wander through the National Portrait Gallery (and their very dangerous shop: I have a $20 gift voucher burning a hole in my wallet) followed by a visit to The Old Bus Depot Markets.

(Today's top finds: another Hornsea piece for the
almost-collection: 50 cents, Y's Buys Belconnen. Letters from a vintage Milleranagrams game: $2.00, Y's Buys Belconnen (so much nicer than Scrabble tiles, don't you think?). Wooden file drawers: $45, Rose Cottage Antiques. The closest thing I think I'll get to Library card catalogue drawers)

Rooruu mentioned I had my first airing on The Collectors recently: if you're interested enough to want to see it
watch here (at around 26:32 for about a blink and a half)


Rebecca said...

Yes! One of the great collections coming in 2010, "I collect 20th century dolls houses". So now I've heard your voice! It was very exciting - both looking forward to the actual episode, and knowing someone (well, as a blogger and ebayer!) on Collectors!

AMCSviatko said...

Ah, but did you notice the pause? "I collect 20th century... dolls houses"?