Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creative cow pats

After a day off work (and spent at home!) yesterday I took a photo of my creative space:* Vintage Noddy eggcup, Florence map and star from a box of treasures I picked up at Trash and Treasure on Sunday.

* Sketch of the Noddy eggcup and date stamp to date it with.

* Newly created collage in my latest visual diary.

* Typewriter.

Which was out to type these:But that wasn't the only creative cow pat in the house. Next door on the bed was this:baby knitting and the latest Uppercase (which gave me the idea for the typed labels)

And downstairs, on the kitchen workbench was a pile of newly mended books and a brooch: (The Richard Scarry books were part of a set of 4. Scooped up at Trash and Treasure for $3 the lot.)

Finally, I found this on the coffee table in the lounge:A paper bag from last week's trip to Berkelouw and beads from Janet, which are waiting to head upstairs.

(More creative spaces here)

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