Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mending my ways

It's been the best Christmas ever in Canberra, with grey skies, low temperatures and rain since yesterday morning.

The perfect weather for a little end-of-year cleaning under things (like the bed and the sofa) then lazing on things (like the bed and the sofa) and finally FINALLY catching up with the backlog of magazine reading that's crept up on me over the past few months. While nibbling chocolates. And cherries. And stuffed red pepper. And sipping champagne.Today I felt the urge to explore my towering mending pile. During which I unearthed this which I wore the rest of the day. Wearing your PJ top while having a late lunch (originally planned to be a picnic) with friends? What could be better on a lazy grey day...

1 comment :

Michelle said...

What a beaut sewing machine you have! I agree - all this rain and coolness are rather nice.

Did you want to borrow Handmade Nation from tomorrow for a few days? I can drop it in your letterbox on my way to the pool in the morning.