Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What’s Hot + What’s Not Wednesday

What's hot:

* The new Kingston library, full of brand new stock which is currently invisible on the ACT Library Service catalogue. I
was tempted to take home all their new knitting books but resisted as I knew they would just stress me out with all their beautiful new project ideas. I did succumb to these, however.

* My new Martha Stewart button punch. My button obsession has just hit an all time high(especially if you include the purchase of Donna Hay's fondant buttons from DJs, which were supposed to top end of year cupcakes for Craft ACT: except I seem to have misplaced my cupcake recipe...)

* Finding Dave Gahan's latest solo release in the 3-for-$5 bin. And finding two other CDs to round the trio out.

* Receiving a copy of my Grandmother's latest book of poetry in the mail and discovering the author
shot was one I took:
* Realising that my new file drawers are the perfect fit for my DVD collection.

* Notification that I've been accepted into the Community Arts volunteer team for the 2010 National Folk Festival.

What's not:

* Stupid Converse who appear to allow shipping outside of the USA but won't accept credit cards from outside of the USA. So my cunning buy three pairs and send to friend to repost to me thus getting round the silly international postage prices and get 20% discount to boot plan has come to naught.

* Opening the beautiful (cheap) shrinkwrapped hardcover A5 notebooks I bought as directed for Summer School, only to discover they're lined. There was no mention of that on the packaging!

* The letter telling me my flat inspection is booked in for January 6th.

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MTB Girl said...

Oooh, I love the softies book, how do I get on the list for that, given it's not in the catalogue yet?

Were there any more file drawers discovered in your search? Yours are gorgeous and I'd love some too.


AMCSviatko said...

Try now: I just checked and Kingston is showing up...

Anonymous said...

MTB Girl said...

Hmm, I can see it but it won't let me reserve it! "Not available" or something...

Anonymous said...

On the converse issue, if you use a US address on the credit card they will usually accept it. Do you have any US friends addresses you can use. They never seem to check it.

Heidi said...

If there's any way I can help with the Converse thing, I'd be happy to. I live in the US--Chicago. You once sent me the sewing machine puzzle I drooled over on your blog. I'd be happy to reciprocate by helping you with this problem.