Sunday, May 01, 2011

Making modern miniatures: an index?

Hi guys

Before I launch myself into a new project I thought I should check: is there in existence an index of modern mini projects from the dolls house magazines (Nutshell News/ Dollhouse Miniatures, Dolls House & Miniature Scene, Dolls House World, The Dollshouse Magazine etc etc)?

And if there's not (and before I start driving myself potty with creating one) would you be interested in contributing if I were to set up a wiki similar to Call of the Small's excellent Mini-sizer?


callsmall said...

TOTALLY! I think it is a great idea. Count me in.

Pubdoll said...

I think it's a great idea!

It's not exactly the same as your idea, but the mini treasures dollhouse wiki has a page for modern projects:

Perhaps it could be a help for your index?

Beth Lemon said...

Sounds great. I have a few posted on my blog (linked to, I haven't written any). Also Dollar Store Crafts has posted several tutorials from a member doing some cheap stuff from dollar store items -- very modern.

I think the minitreasures wiki would be a great place to house it, she has worked really hard to keep that going.

I'll start a file to send over when you're ready.

Ann Nguyen said...

I'd be interested to help... though I'm not sure how much I can contribute given the time constraints! Just let us all know!

small world dollhouse shop said...

Check out, under Magazine Index. She has quite a project listing already.