Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday temptations...

Back in April I stumbled across this project on Kickstarter and was excited and intrigued by the offer of a mini chair for every $25 that you pledged. Hell, it doesn't matter what I though of the project, a mini designer chair for $25 is a good deal, right? So I contacted SketchChair and enquired about scale. Their reply, that they were 1/7th had me replying quick smart, saying:

"What a very odd scale to chose, and alas far too big for my needs as I work in 1/12th (and, at a push, 1/10th.)

You do know that if you make them 1/6th you’ll have a lot of interest from the Blythe and Barbie community and, at 1/12th, from the dolls house miniature community? I know you haven’t set out to be dolls house furniture manufacturers but, as a way to make money, it may well be worth exploring. At $25 a chair I know I was considering buying all three if they were the right scale!"

And I sent them a link to the New York Times article.

As I'd hoped, they took the bait, and replied early last month:

"We really appreciate you passing along your insights and links, your (sic) right dolls house scale miniatures is something we hadn't thought about but we're certainly not apposed (sic) to this at all. I love the Times article you sent and how much passion people have for design at all scales!

At the moment we're testing out chairs at a 1:12 scale to make sure that they're going to be strong enough and look right when built. But so far everything looking really good so we might be offering two scales on the minis. We'll let you know soon."

And so the wait began...

This morning this was sitting in my inbox:

"Hello again, sorry for the delay! It's taken us a long time to finalise these designs and decide on an appropriate scale. We finally updated the campaign with the final designs on Saturday: http://sketchchair.cc/minis.php

They are at 1:9 scale, as this was the most practical scale for us at this stage. However, we hope to offer some designs at 1:6 and 1:12 scale for order from SketchChair.cc sometime in the not too distant future, after the campaign has finished."

And, on their webpage, were not only the three original chairs:
(The Antler Chair)(The Edge Chair)(The Stroke Chair)

But some new arrivals:(Tiggy and Rocksteady)(The Tote Lounger)

It looks like the Kickstarter campaign finishes in three days but I'm sure if you email SketchChair
direct after that I'm sure they'll be pleased to hear from you.

(As you can imagine, I've not seen the real things yet so am unable to comment on their ease of assembly or appropriateness of size within a 1/12th scale environment... Just saying)


m1k1 said...

I know. I know. I was so tempted when I saw Mini Modern's post about them this morning. I love little chairs even if they're not in dollshouse scale. But I resisted. So far.

But look at you being all clever and directive getting them to think in small scales.

Stephanie Kilgast said...

I donated 25$ just to get one mini chair.
But I do love their concept as well, so I was happy to help a little :)

Di said...

Wow, there are some really talented people in this world isn't there not to mention there ingenious way of rising capital. And aren't you a helpful little lass giving them another client base to sell to.

AMCSviatko said...

All completely self serving, let me assure you...