Monday, May 16, 2011

Alas, not The Big Reveal I'd planned

After Thursday's teaser I'd planned to build a Eurovision themed scene* with the contents of my swap parcel from Ann. And post it here yesterday.

Except I came down with something first thing in the morning and have spent a very miserable two days either becoming reacquainted with
my black and white hankie collection or asleep in bed. I did watch Eurovision. In my PJs. Wrapped in a blanket. On the sofa. Feeling very sorry for myself.

So there is no cool Eurovision themed scene. Or superlatives. Instead there are simple shots of my new treasures, taken in a race against the failing light when I woke up late this afternoon:

First up is one of Ann's new Locke series coffee tables. Custom painted for the swap, I suspect. The vase and bottle are from my collection but the teeny origami crane was part of the swap parcel:Also included were two round acrylic stools/ low tables (which also look great stacked into one higher side table):And, my favourite, a custom framed Keith Haring print. (Unlike me, Ann does her matting properly)

(*I had the red and black already as part of the swap. and just needed to round up and create some yellow touches. And find my mini disco ball)


Anonymous said...

good post!! worth the read :)
Ladies Apparels

Ann said...

Ahhh finally catching up to my blog feeds... wow I'm a few days late in replying.. ugh..

Anywho, love the pictures! Hope to see it in one of your famous scenes one day *wink*wink*