Saturday, May 07, 2011

Setting the scene: Part Two

I was out and about today but came home with lots of new bits and pieces for mini inspiration.

Which means (and this is fairly typical) that the scene I thought I was going to make wasn't the scene I ended up working on.

I started the day with a haircut at the mall. And since I'd reached my $15 off coupon I decided to pop downstairs to Lincraft and see what they had that could be used for minis that I could spend my windfall on.

And left with this... (Which cost a little bit more than $15)

I then headed down to see James at
Victorian Dolls Houses to pick up more frames. And I spotted a cheap plastic white window: just what I've been looking for as I'm aware that some of my scenes are lacking a certain depth.

Finally, after lunch and a catch up with a friend, I dropped into the model shop round the corner. only to discover they're closing down! Oh no! But they had 30% off all Tamiya spray paint so I bought some non-black varieties.

I came home. Tested out the metallic red spray paint on some of the
ugly brass furniture I have. Cut a hole in the cardboard I use as backing to fit the new window. Attached the black and white bead to an Irwin Interior Decorator lamp shade. Clipped the hanging bit off the top of the silver letter A.

And set up this test scene:(With a still slightly wet chair: if you look carefully you can see the smear on the wall from when it fell over onto the chair with the extra weight of the shelf and the window)(Cropped as it would usually be, without my hands in the frame)

Ignoring the lack of scene out the window (It's in a box. I'll find it tomorrow) I realised, after looking a the photos that there was something else needed. So I added a "blind":
And decided that tomorrow, when the paint is dry and the light has returned, this is a scene worth continuing with...

(Time taken: the whole day, on and off)


Makeminemidcentury said...

You're very clever.

callsmall said...

LOVE seeing your whole creative process! I hope this starts a trend, my friend! My favorite hack is the Irwin lamp.

AMCSviatko said...

You started it! ;-)

I was very pleased with the lamp too: it fitted almost exactly (there was a little but of hole enlarging using tweezers...)