Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How very odd

I'm 45.

Last week I was having a moan to myself about what a crap year I've had. Then the sensible part of me demanded I prove it by writing down what I've achieved since my last birthday:

Finished my What I wore today challenge
Started Tea towel Tuesday
Curated Call of the Small at Craft ACT
Interviewed on ABC Central West radio
Featured in the September issue of Collectors magazine
Completed an internship at Te Papa

Where I attended National Digital Forum
Featured on the Frankie magazine blog
Credited on Greg Johnson's latest CD
Changed my blog subtitle and started a) working in 1/12th scale again b) making miniatures again
Started 2011 Inch by Inch (which only lasted three months as life got crazy)
Started a new contract which gives me full time hours (and money to pay the rent)
Invited to be part of the ANCA twentieth anniversary celebrations

Wrote an article for Uppercase magazine
Reached the final audition stage for Top Design
Interviewed for a job with Weta
Made a book
Created a window display at Little Sprout

Hmm... Maybe it wasn't a crap year after all. Maybe I'm just exhausted.

(Credits: Flooring and skirting, Victorian Dollhouses. Rug, made by me. Desk, a recent experiment at the plastics place. Chair, Reac. Storage drawers, 1/24th dresser from Fairy Meadow Miniatures with legs removed (bought this weekend). Large vintage numbers, part of a bag of goodies found for 50 cents at Vinnies this weekend.)


callsmall said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you pulled yourself out of your slump! Let us know if your get any mini treats ;)

Ann said...

Happy birthday darlin!

And yeah, that doesn't look like a crap year to me...

pinar said...

it seems a great year to me..happy birthday and whishes for lots of happy situations for you..

your devoted reader aka createacraft

Vanessa said...

You've been busy. Congrats on all your accomplishments and making it another year. Happy Birthday.

Taphophile said...

Blow, I'm sure I left a rude comment and Blogger has eaten it. Hope you had a lovely day. :)

AMCSviatko said...

I did, except for the bit where I decided since I was in town getting my new license maybe I could cope with much needed bra shopping. Bad bad idea.

I got you a present while I was away, though...

Bizianka said...

Happy new year!

studioseven said...

Oh wow. You are the classic over-achiever, what a very productive year you had! I'd certainly be exhausted. So glad to see you doing more miniatures again because I've really been enjoying them...and A Happy Belated Birthday wish!