Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wrapping up last weekend

(Just in time for this weekend)

There was exploring of new-to-me op shops where I wanted this: (but in miniature).

And this:The size it was.Especially as it was $120 with 30% off. I did spend some time calculating the size of Div's boot in my head until I finally came to the realisation that I really didn't have anywhere to put it at home and that it didn't really go with the rest of my furniture...

Across the court was what we'd really come for: the new home ofFairy Meadow Miniatures. With the upstairs library and display area where we got to admire Div's latest project, Cliff Drive:(which started life as a DHE Ocean Drive)
And, before we left, I got to see the article in The Meadow News about my 2008/2009 exhibition:
(I can't wait until I get my own copy for the archive so I have the time to actually read it!)

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H. Bean said...

The sideboards are great! I love the tall one (& wouldn't mind either of them in 1:16 or 1:1).

I used to see lots of lovely (& cheap) credenzas in thrift stores when I was living in the US, but I never see any nice & well priced ones secondhand locally here in the UK, though I'd have a similar problem anyway (lack of room).

Cliff Drive looks great, I especially like the bedroom & dining room. You seem to have some good shops in your neck of the woods!