Monday, May 30, 2011

Not a miniature

(But, now I think of it, it might make a great poster to use as the basis for a scene...)

Friend Kerry and I have been doing a "Creativity Challenge"
since May last year, with a few weeks off recently as she went overseas and then had a flat full of visiting family.

But, last week, she got back into recording what creative things she did each week. Which caused me to feel guilty and hunt down and dust off the notebook I've been using to record my daily doings up until recently.

The notebook was hiding on my worktable, waiting for me to find the inspiration to decorate the cover in a fitting way. Which I did yesterday: I sent a copy of the scan to Friend Kerry in lieu of a long overdue postcard and she tells me she's printed it out and hung it up where the other creatives in her company can see it.

I might have to do the same at work once I make it to Officeworks and pick up new ink for my printer.

This is my second notebook. The first one's cover looked like this:and lasted me six months.

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