Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A bit of this (and a bit of that)

I'm gathering the pieces for Buzz Bar Cafe, the second build Goulburn Regional Art Gallery want in their What's in the toybox exhibition later this month. It makes me think it's a good thing I used to enjoy playing the memory game as a child...
Photos of dolls' house miniature scenes with various 1/12 scale modern miniatures arranged around it.
The HBS Creatin' Contest build windows are getting their top coat.
Box lid containing undercoated dolls' house miniature windows, sitting next to a can of spraypaint on the lid of a recycling bin.
As part of an Etsy challenge I'm currently doing, I've been photographing my hand-knitted pouffes to list in my Etsy shop.
Group of dolls' house modern miniature pouffes, next to a miniature room setup and a camera ready to photograph it.

I caught up with a friend I haven't seen for ages over breakfast at The Cupping Room: somewhere I've been wanting to go since the announcement that the World Barista Champion works there.
Plate of hotcakes and fruit, next to a mug of coffee at a cafe.
And now I'm exhausted, and just want to have an afternoon nap...
Dolls' house miniature bed and bedside table, holding a vase of daisies, a diary and reading glasses and a glass of water.
 (except I have too many things to do).



Pepper Mitcheson said...

Shitty-death...do you get any time to sleep?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Usually from 9 pm to 6 or 7 am :-P