Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bloody exhibitionist...

Woman standing next to a display caseWoman standing next to a display case in a gallery with two 1/12 scale miniature scenes in it" one a cafe, and one a holiday cottage. with two 1/12 scale miniature scenes in it" one a cafe, and one a holiday cottage.
 Yep, that's me. Posing next to my completed builds at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, in readiness for tomorrow night's opening of the What's in the toybox? exhibition.

But here's where it all started two and a half hours earlier, when I arrived after a one-hour drive from Canberra:
Table in a gallery in front of an empty display case. On the table are various cardboard walls and floors of miniature scenes.
I'd dropped my 'work*' off last Friday and knew at the time that I'd need to make another trip to put it all together before the opening.

Lovely Goulburn Regional Art Gallery had my plinth and perspex case in place, a table ready for me to work on, and...
View across a gallery during install, showing a table with a miniature scene being put together and various artworks in the background, mounted or still in packaging.
A mug of tea and a plate of cakes and biscuits on a table with tools for a gallery install, including rubber gloves, a tape measure, an extension cord and something wrapped in bubble wrap marked 'fragile'.
(That was a bit special and unexpected. I now want to be in every exhibition they mount.)

At 3 pm I was a bit worried.
Various walls and floor of a miniature room, laid flat on a table in  a gallery, in front of an empty display cabinet.
Woman peering worriedly over the walls of a miniature scene.
 But soon was on a roll, recreating a version of something I'd made two years ago.
Woman posing happily in front of an empty dolls' house miniature cafe scene set up.
Here are some progress shots (because, even as a blogger on a deadline, you need to stop and take photographs, don't you?)
Woman in a gallery during install, marking something with a pencil on  a table in the middle of the gallery.
Woman in a gallery during install, pulling book tape of a roll  in the middle of the gallery.
 Tucked in my corner, things started to come together,
Dolls' house miniature scene on a table in a gallery during install, with gallery staff talking in the background.
Two dolls' house miniature scenes, being built on  a table in a gallery during install.
 while the gallery staff finished other parts of the exhibition in the background.
Dolls' house miniature scene, being built on  a table in a gallery during install. In the background, two gallery staff discuss placement of signage on the wall.
And then, just on closing time, I was done.
Modern dolls' house miniature cafe.
Woman peering through the door to the toilet in a modern dolls' house miniature cafe.
(And the lovely staff stayed five minutes late to help me load the pieces into my display case.)

(* Because it was my work, but it was a kitset work, not a completed work at that stage.)

27 November - 24 December 2015
An exhibition of works particularly for children but also suitable for adults in need of a little nostalgia in the lead up to Christmas.  From original book illustrations to colourful sculptures and hand-made wooden toys by local Goulburn Woodworkers, there's something  in the toybox to delight everybody.
Civic Centre, Bourke Street
Goulburn N.S.W.
Tel. 02 4823 4503

Open Monday - Friday 10 am – 5 pm,   Saturday 1 pm – 4 pm  (Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)


Jodi Hippler said...

I want to go to the exhibition! This kind of thing connects with my inner fascinated little girl! I get butterflies in my tummy and I just want to stare at your scenes for hours!
Thank you for being in the world and making it a place to imagine, Anna-Maria!

AMCSviatko said...

Awww, thank you. You made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Pepper said...


So nice to see miniatures finding a place among other art installations. Tea and cake too =0D Yum!

H. Bean said...

Love the rooms you put together, they look great & I agree with what Pepper said - so cool to see them in a space with other types of artwork. It looks like a lovely show!

Mad For Mod said...

What a great exhibit! It all looks wonderful!