Friday, November 20, 2015

The aftermath

This morning was a mad dash to complete my two scenes before I was picked up by a friend to deliver them to Goulburn Regional Art Gallery for their 'What's in the toybox' exhibition, which opens next week.

As usual after a major project, my studio is in complete chaos.
Work table of a miniature artist, in a complete mess.
And, even worse, have a large cutting mat and tools in the middle of my kitchen floor: I found myself moving from over-crowded spot to over-crowded spot in search of somewhere to finish the next part of the work before the deadline.
Large cutting board, ruler, stanley knife and various bits of card and paper on a kitchen floor.
We drove through 40 degree (104 Fahrenheit, for those on the other side of the world) heat* to reach the gallery, and were diverted off the highway because of a grass fire*, but it was worth it to spy this at the entrance:
Pamphlet rack on a wall containing pamphlets for the 'What's in the toybox' exhibition and various related public programmes.
 and these little houses in the exhibition before the one I'm in:
Ronnie van Hout's 'Cold shoulder to cry on' sculpture of a house on legs in a gallery.
Ronnie van Hout's 'Timing that Flawed' sculpture of a house with legs in a gallery.
Once I got home and did some research on the artist, Ronnie van Hout, I was delighted to discover that he is not only a fellow kiwi, but that he also created 'Fallen robot', one of my favourite sculptures in Lower Hutt, New Zealand...
Ronnie van Hout's 'Fallen robot' sculpture of a metal robot in a pond.
High on my agenda for the next couple of days is some serious down time (possibly including some TV-series binge watching) and napping, hopefully not at the same time. And some major house cleaning and organising.

(*How can this be? It's only November!)
27 November - 24 December 2015
An exhibition of works particularly for children but also suitable for adults in need of a little nostalgia in the lead up to Christmas.  From original book illustrations to colourful sculptures and hand-made wooden toys by local Goulburn Woodworkers, there's something  in the toybox to delight everybody.
Civic Centre, Bourke Street
Goulburn N.S.W.
Tel. 02 4823 4503

Open Monday - Friday 10 am – 5 pm,   Saturday 1 pm – 4 pm  (Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)

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