Thursday, November 05, 2015

Squaring up for the challenge

I feel like I'm making good progress on my HBS Creatin' Contest build.

I carefully measured the window openings on the back wall weatherboarding (but still got it slightly wrong: nothing that won't be covered by the trim), and cut them out by hand.
Wall of a dolls' house miniature kit, with window holes cut and windows installed.
Then I realised I was out of undercoat: so it was off to Masters to buy some. I also picked up some better masking tape than I have, a large tube of wood filler and a few of their free wallpaper and vinyl flooring samples.
Three wallpaper samples, two vinyl tile samples, a pack of Frogtape, a sample pot of paint and a tube of wood filler.
After much thought, I decided to go with option C (undercoat and paint the external sides of both pieces, then glue together) as I figured there'd be less room for painting stuff ups that way.
Undercoated wall of a dolls' house kit.
After two coats of undercoat, I'm delighted to find I can hardly see the marks where I filled in the side windows (and I'm hoping they'll be even less obvious with a top coat. And a shelving unit hung over the top.)
I Frogtaped the windows and the second sliding doors (the first one arrived in pieces: I need to work out which bit goes where before I start painting it)
Undercoated wall of a dolls' house miniature kit, with windows covered with Frogtape.
Four dolls' house miniature windows, taped ready for painting.
and then decided to throw caution to the wind and spray paint them rather than use a brush. 
Two dolls' house miniature windows, undercoated.
 (Let's hope I don't live to regret that decision!)

Finally, I painted the rear-wall weatherboarding with topcoat. I'm impatient to see how it looks with the white windows...
Two freshly-painted pieces of dolls' house miniature weatherboarding, with window holes cut out.


Pepper said...

Looking good =O)

Mad For Mod said...

I think the white will look great with the brown.