Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Presents in the post

That was mean of me, keeping you in suspense about what was in yesterday's delivery from Mod Pod Miniatures.
Selection of items wrapped in blue and teal tissue paper, laid out on a tabletop with an envelope on top addressed to Anna-Maria
Shall we open the contents together?
Selection of wrapped items laid out on a tabletop
 The first excitement were these fabric pieces. The bottom one is particularly timely as I approach the six-month mark of quitting my toxic job.
Two pieces of black and white fabric printed with words.
I love these frames and am very tempted to start trawling eBay to find more and I think they'd make a fabulous gallery wall. Except I'm not supposed to be spending any money...
Hand holding two white scrapbooking frame embellishments.
 Great pictures, once again with perfect messages for me right now.
Sheet of scrapbooking pictures.
 And this! An Old Navy purse keychain (after I removed the keychain bit).
Hand holding up a dolls' house miniature leather handbag with metal straps.
Oddly enough, I've had this LiLu clock on my Etsy wish list for a while but never got around to buying it, so was excited to unwrap it.
Hand holding a modern dolls' house miniature square perspex clock.
 Black and white cushions! With letters! Much excitement (and many exclamation points!)
Hand holding two modern dolls' house miniature black cushions with white text on them.
 A lovely desk, 
Hand holding a dolls' house miniature mid-century-modern desk in wood and metal.
 And a SLICE Tilt coffee table, which is an amazing piece of design.
Modern dolls' house miniature Slice coffee table with a sculpture and decorative plate on top.
There was more: I thought I'd just showcase the highlights.
Selection of dolls' house miniatures and craft items laid out on a tabletop
 Thank you so much for your generosity, Mad for Mod.  I feel very spoilt and inspired.

And rather guilty, as I have this sitting under my desk:
Shopping basket with a pile of shabby-chic-style fabrics, a collection of letter Ks and various other items in it.
 A basket of swap items waiting to go in the mail. I'm hoping to get to it after the exhibition at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery opens next Friday.


kittyandkatminiatures said...

Buggery boo! I mailed something to you yesterday and could have sent you more of those frames! I bought a ton of them for the same reason. Next time!

Mad For Mod said...

I'm glad you like your goodies! I cant wait to see what you do with them.