Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh such sweet sweet irony...

You might remember, almost twelve months ago, that I wrote a post about how I'd spotted two books titles with miniatures used on the cover on the same display stand in a local bookshop.
A copy of the book 'The Making of Home' on display in a book shop.
And how, when I got home, I tried to find out who had created the cover and decided I'd have buy a copy of the book (which was on social anthropology, so would have been on my list anyway). I wondered if they indicated a new trend in book cover design, and, if so, how I could be involved.

I added the book to my wish list. And there it stayed as my book-buying budget had became quite curtailed.

After this year's miniature convention, a friend and I spent a few days in The Blue Mountains, where we visited our favourite mountains book shop, and I discovered a few books from my wish list on the remainder table, deeply discounted.

Including the one with the miniatures on the cover.
Three books in a pile next to a glass of red wine.
Over a glass of wine, my friend asked what the book was about, so I turned it over to read her the back cover blurb. And found this:
Back cover of a book, showing a picture of a miniature bathroom.
 (And almost spilled my wine in shock.)

It was a weird feeling: one of the things I'd said at ProBlogger was that I wanted one of my images published on a book cover, and it had happened. Unfortunately I'd known nothing about it and it was only a series of coincidences that made me aware of the fact. On one hand, I felt proud and chuffed. On the other: quite violated.

So I wrote a letter to the publisher, which I posted last month. And yesterday I received a reply:
Detail of a letter about use of an image on a book cover.
Today, with a feeling of all's well that ends well, I can now proudly say:

Back cover of a book, showing various miniature room settings.


kittyandkatminiatures said...

Congrats!! That's amazing! The stars aligned in your favour and then you got a little something for it! Time to reward yourself on's money found!

otterine said...

I understand the up and down feeling all rolled into one - had a similar thing happen to me. But, I can see why they'd use your work for a book cover -- it's marvelous! :D Glad to hear it worked out in the end.

AMCSviatko said...

Kitty and Kat: of course I got a 'little something for it'. If someone profits from my work, I should get a share of that profit, don't you think? :-)
As for rewarding myself on Etsy, I think I'll keep this in the bank as I run out of money to pay the rent in approximately eight weeks: so every bit of income counts. Besides I recently blew my weekly grocery budget on an Etsy order...

Otterine: Thanks. Glad you know how I feel. Am just hoping that this is the entry into more similar work (see comment above about the state of my bank account...) :-)

Susi said...

Wow what a surprise :D I think I would fall off the chair! Congrats!