Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I need help from The (Miniature) Hive Mind...

I'm getting close to needing to start gluing things together on my HBS Creatin' Contest build.

Should I:
a) glue the weatherboard to the MDF, then undercoat (and paint) both pieces together?
b) undercoat both sides of both pieces, then glue together before painting?
c) undercoat the external sides of both pieces, then glue together?
d) something else?
e) pile all the pieces in the middle of the backyard, set fire to them and roast marshmallows?



April Ansley said...

A or possibly C. Always glue then paint. The glue will be able to seep into the wood and it will create a stronger bond. If something will become tricky to paint after it has been glued, you could instead mask off the area where the glue will go then primer and paint them while they are separate. Additionally, if you do all the painting after it is glued together, you won't have to do any touch ups.

kittyandkatminiatures said...

I'm always building things, mini or real life and my go to is always to prime out all the items first. That way you can sand any raised grain and press/clamp items flat if they warp a bit. Then I get to gluing things in place. Gluing to a primed piece is always better then to a proper painted surface, better grip. Then do all your filling and touch ups. Heck, even add a bit of primer over your filled seams and filled holes.

I have never regretted the above plan. I usually swear and kick myself on the occasions that I don't do it in that order and end up with a mess.

Instead of fire buy some white caulking (no silicone). I think half my home projects have errors hidden with caulking. Fills it, paints great and no sanding!

Pepper said...

Blimey, I feel like I'm six months behind reading posts O-O
Glue before primer and paint - always. I would go for option A

melleejohn said...

I kind of like the marshmallow thing. Sometimes I feel the same way! Lol!

Mad For Mod said...


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Marshmallows definitely. And a a glass or two, or four of something that appeals. On the other hand, wot April said.

Jenny said...

The marshmallows would be nice but I fear the wood being mdf would be toxic (sorry) separate fire, but I prime then sand raised edges ect then glue fill and paint, then sit back and have a glass of wine in front of fire 😉

iseecerulean said...


Prime, sand, glue, paint.