Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bloody exhausted

I've been to Goulburn Regional Art Gallery three times in the last three days. That's a 177 km (110 mile) round trip each time (probably more, if you take the train as I did yesterday).
Wall sign in a gallery that reads 'Imagine how small the humans must be to live in such a tiny place'.
 I even dressed up for the opening!
Woman in a gallery, holding  a glass of wine next to an exhibit and showing the tails on her coat.
Man looking at a miniature scene exhibited in a gallery.
Four-story dolls' house, on display in a gallery.
Miniature clay figure and dog, looking at a window space in a gallery exhibition.
Miniature clay figure, building a dog house out of bricks in a gallery, with a dog looking on.
But now I'm a little bit stuffed, and a little bit grumpy, as my phone doesn't seem to want to save the photos I think I've taken.

So I'll probably spend tomorrow's digital sabbath in bed, and tell you more about the opening and the exhibition on Monday...
27 November - 24 December 2015
An exhibition of works particularly for children but also suitable for adults in need of a little nostalgia in the lead up to Christmas.  From original book illustrations to colourful sculptures and hand-made wooden toys by local Goulburn Woodworkers, there's something  in the toybox to delight everybody.
Civic Centre, Bourke Street
Goulburn N.S.W.
Tel. 02 4823 4503

Open Monday - Friday 10 am – 5 pm,   Saturday 1 pm – 4 pm  (Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)

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