Thursday, June 21, 2007

A 21st present!

I'm feeling very much like a lucky cow today as this arrived in this morning's mail from Melbourne:
Which made a fine start to an excellent day. With lovely soft, nice smelling hands (that's me, not the day, just in case you're confused!)

Breakfast: Cup of tea (as always). Apple sultana oat temptations, toast and vegemite (the fact I was craving vegemite makes me think I should be buying some mushrooms at the Farmers Market this weekend as I've not had any yet this month - and I usually eat them pretty regularly).

Morning tea: Almonds and chocolate. It's interesting that I expected to have run out of chocolate ages ago and here I am, three weeks in and still have supplies. Cheers again, Aunty A!

Lunch: Spiced lentils in baked potato - a recipe I'd ripped out of a Woolworths catalogue ages ago and which suddenly sounded appealing as I noticed that it used two stalks of my stash of The World's Most Expensive Celery plus a large amount of coriander, which was definitely on it's last legs.

The recipe calls for a tin of Woolworths Select tomatoes (funny that) but the only tin of tomatoes left in the cupboard is basil and oregano flavoured - which I doubt would go too well with curry and coriander. So I round up the last two tomatoes in the fridge and unearth the final frozen serving of Dolmio. Which seems to work OK. I used up the last of the olive oil and am left with about a tablespoon of lentils. The latter makes me slightly grumpy ("$9 worth of lentils and it only makes 2 meals?!" ) Until I remember it actually made 12 meals.
Yes, once again I had leftovers to deal with...

Afternoon tea: Mug of hot chocolate.

Dinner: Dunno - leftovers probably (unless the jewellery opening thingy I'm going to has free food)

Bought today:

* 1 litre milk, $2.50

Finished today:

* Olive oil (I'll be buying more but will be hunting for locally grown - a quest for the weekend, I think)
* Tomatoes (also on the list for the weekend shop)
* Curry powder (I haven't decided about replacing spices yet - and if I put the decision off for another 9 days won't have to!)
* Dolmio (oh deary me no... not justifiable at all, at all...)
* Fresh coriander (will probably have a break from coriander this week - and maybe by the time I feel the need for it again my coriander plant will have recovered from my last picking which left it, let's say, a little stubbly)

Total spent since 1 June: $110.08

Cravings du jour:

* Sushi! I want sushi!!!! Lovely lumps of salmon and avocado embraced by a cloud of rice and surrounded by a wrap of seaweed. With a little soy sauce and wasabi. Sigh...
* And I want the April DJ Mag that I have put aside across at the newsagents with the free Ben Watt CD attached.
* And since I'm going to be in Lyneham this evening, how nice would it be to pop into the IGA and pick up a six pack of Stones Ginger Beer? It's payday, afterall dontcha know...

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Taphophile said...

Pretty smelly stuff is always a good PMU. For the love of all that is holy, though, shut up about sushi and soy chocolate icecream and Jamaica Gold chocolate.