Thursday, June 14, 2007

You what?! (Fiscal Fast Day 14)

Pay day! Yay! But it was raining this morning so I doubted City Walk Markets would be there. And I needed to get groceries as I was out of milk (again) and had Aunty A booked in for dinner tonight.

I really couldn't face the supermarket after last week's visit so decided to explore As Nature Intended in Belconnen: the nearest we can get to a Whole Foods or a Marco Wholefoods here in Canberra.

My lesson this week: I really should take more notice of prices.

I was trundling round with my dinky little trolley dropping this and that in it: some celery, a green pepper, an ear of corn, kidney beans and a bunch of coriander for dinner tonight and oh! doesn't that spinach look nice, I'm missing spinach and the milk I need and some chickpeas and lentils are always a cheap choice....

Then I got to the checkout counter and the total. $47.97. I blink twice. I gulp. I pay. I go home and actually read the receipt. My bunch of celery cost me $6.99. Erk! And the "cheap choice" lentils came in at $24.90 a kilo. You what?! If I'm spending $9 on some protein I think I'd prefer to be buying a large packet of smoked salmon. Sorry!

Oh well, what's done is done. Besides it's organic and Australian grown so got to be better for me and the environment blah blah blah.

Today's purchases:

* 618g kidney beans
* 368g red lentils
* 450g chickpeas
* Bunch of celery
* Bunch of spinach
* Green pepper
* Ear of corn
* Bunch of coriander
* Bottle of milk

Total: $47.97

And I currently have a very happy tummy as V&M filled it full of cheese and dips and crackers and wine and minestrone and risotto and chocolate and apricots with cream and cointreau last night. Oh - and V had a bag of snakey things which we devoured after checking the serving size (1 bag=10 servings=7 snakes=You what?! "Here darling, have 3/4 of a snake...")

Then to top it off my boss was visiting today so I dragged him to Tilleys for lunch and he bought me Salt and Pepper Squid....

Total since June 1: $84.98


Taphophile said...

Well there's a shop I'll be avoiding! $7 for celery!

Gotta love the gifts of food, though. :)

seepi said...

Wow - I hope it is nice celery.

We get organic stuff delivered via
organic express. It's not cheap either, but it's not too bad, and very very easy.

shanna said...

oh my! veggies arre expensive there! i can get celery for $1.99 or less!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Shanna - so can we, if we go to the supermarkety. This was special organic Australian grown celery which, for all I know, was watered only by Virgins wearing Stella McCartney on a full moon using tears shed by Unicorns... ;-)