Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Daily Outfit: 4 June 2007

Some blogs I read have a tradition of posting pictures of the writer's daily outfits. I always find myself fascinated by what people chose to (and are able to) wear each day.

Yesterday afternoon, as the temperature in my (home) office plummeted and my (fairly random) layers multiplied, I thought it was time I joined in:

Oh my God, you mean I have to pay for the heating in the office through winter?

And, yes, somewhere under there there is a perfectly presentable corporate outfit. Honest!


shanna said...

yea!! you're back!

Taphophile said...


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Sort of Kiwi green - and hey, it was cheap!

Jejune said...

LOL - as I laugh (with you!), I'm sitting here in my home office too, with handknit socks, several layers on most parts of the body, hand-knit wrist warmers, and a woolen double-bed blanket on my chair and wrapped around my legs and lap, and a hot water bottle under my frozen feet. SOHO chic ;)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

oooooh.... haven't got to the blanket and hot water stage (mainly cause I hadn't thought of it yet). Thanks for the tip.

Hmmm.... Maybe we should start a "wroking from home" daily outfit FLICKR group? ;-)

Icy said...

I add my dressing gown on top of my other woolen layers. I was in Cooma yesterday for work, and I WISH I could have had it with me ^_^