Saturday, June 23, 2007

We came over all glassy eyed...

S (still without a cool blog nickname) and I did The Cultural Trifecta today - The Cooee: Australian in the 19th Century exhibition at National Library (not as interesting as I was hoping unfortunately), the recently opened Canberra Glassworks and the Very Important Photographs exhibtion at National Gallery (which we arrived at with only 16 minutes before the gallery closed so it was a whistlestop tour and I HAVE to go back for much longer look very very soon).

Total cost of the outing? $6 for Sally since she kindly shouted me coffee. $0 for me.

Let me show you round "Australia's newest cultural attraction" (their words, not mine!)

The Glassworks is housed in the newly renovated Kingston Powerhouse ("Built in 1915, the powerhouse was the first permanent public building in the ACT. It was designed by John Smith Murdoch in the Federal Capital style"), which has stood empty next to The Bus Depot markets for many many years.They've kept a lot of the historic industrial character, something sorely lacking in Canberra.The really exciting bit is when you go upstairs you can watch glassmakers at workAnd soon you'll be able to have a go at making your own piece of glass in a programme they call Off the Street!


Jejune said...

The Glassworks have been on my 'must visit' list since I heard they were going to open, last year sometime? Thanks for the preview! I've been tempted by those classes...

Anonymous said...

Dearest SS,

Thanks for the plug. Great photos as well.