Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dinner, Day 14

I supplied: Mexican chili bean polenta pie. Salad of tomatoes and cucumber. Coffee.

Aunty A supplied: Wine. Cheese, crackers, crostini and dip. Dark chocolate (and it turns out she doesn't even like dark chocolate - she just wanted to stick with the whole Mexican theme!)

Leftover in my fridge/ freezer/ cupboard:

* 1 serve of cooked kidney beans
* 1 serve cooked fresh corn
* 4 meal-sized serves of Mexican chili bean polenta pie (now would be a good time to share second lesson learnt today: Remember when you open a fresh packet of chili powder that it will be significantly hotter than you are used to with the old supply. Probably best to use slightly less for a while...)
* 1 serve of tomato cucumber salad
* 1 serve Red Chili Dip. Plus crackers to go with it.
* Crostini
* Wild Wasabi and Red Chili Cheese (very yummy)
* 1 full, unopened block of chocolate.

Reasons to be proud:

* I soaked and cooked the kidney beans from scratch
* The corn was cooked on the cob then cut off

Reasons not to be proud:

* I gave up and asked Aunty A to pick up a tin of tomatoes while she was at the supermarket
* There seems to be a disproportionate balance between what I made and what Aunty A bought (and left behind...)

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