Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 22 - Finish it off Friday

(Not in the usual meaning of the phrase, alas. I must get back into that habit)

Breakfast: Oddly enough, I'm feeling a little ordinary (silly me, forgot that your tolerance for alcohol goes down if you haven't had any in a while) so make french toast to have with my tea, thus using the last egg and the last of my bread.

Morning tea: Apple and some chocolate

Lunch: I play Freezer roulette and come out with a container of fettuccine with tuna with breadcrumbs and peas. I find myself oddly ecstatic that I'm eating tuna and peas, which I haven't had for a while. To celebrate I whip up a helping of cinnamon honey yoghurt to end the meal.

Afternoon tea: Celery with peanut butter. I'll eat the last of this (now wilting) celery if it kills me!

Dinner: It's Friday night! I celebrate the end of the week with a salmon cake from the freezer with wedges and beans (also from the freezer), ignoring the fact that it means I'll eat fish twice in the same day (but if you're going to do that Friday's the day to do it, right?)

Finished today:

* Eggs (I'm heading to the Farmers' Market in the morning for new supplies - and will be dutifully returning my empty carton for reuse)
* Bread (I've already started the next loaf off on its almost 22 hour journey to edibility)
* Whiskettes (Do I include Nibbs in my project and make him live with just canned food for the next 8 days or do I decide to buy them and have a much less stressful week? Is there an organic version I could get instead?!)
* Dish washing liquid (I use Earth Choice already so it falls within my parameters for allowable purchases. But perhaps there's a better option? Can I make it myself?!)

Total spent since June 1: $110.08

And as I spend the rest of my evening downstairs in front of the heater, with chickpeas soaking and bread rising, I will try to ignore the following invitation from Wellington that ended an email that arrived today:

Toodle-pip and TTFN, I have a nice Shiraz here for drinking tonight, I'm sure you'd enjoy it, why don't you just hop on a plane and pop over for the weekend!


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