Monday, June 04, 2007

Just in case you thought I'd forgotten: The Day Four Report

After the box of deliciousness in the mail, how could it be anything other than a good day?

I wake up super early (the sort of super early where you lie in bed telling yourself 4:25 am is the middle of the night but the minute the clock hits 5:00 am you're up and off to put the kettle on as 5:00 am can definitely be classed as morning). This is actually quite good as I manage to read a six week backlog of Panorama magazines (the Saturday arts section of the Canberra Times - and the only bit I read except for the junk mail) and start yet another pair of wristlets before breakfast.

Unfortunately the Panoramas throw up a number of books I'd like to read and two exhibitions I'd like to see: one free, the other "free after entry" . Hmmm.... guess the second one will have to wait til next month (even though the entry is a mere $2)

Breakfast is the ubiquitous cup of tea and toasted crumpets with marmalade (it's an almost full jar, I'm relieved to notice) and my second to last yoghurt.

For morning tea I have a banana and a couple of triple chocolate biscuits. I need to eat more bananas or buy some eggs and bake with them because they're not going to last too much longer.

At lunchtime there's another trip to the compost bucket - this time a (very slimy) Lebanese cucumber. I'm guessing I bought all my salad stuff at the same time.

I make "nachos" as I want to use up as much of the bag of spinach as possible. The quotes are because I make nachos thus:

1. Break up two taco shells into an ovenproof dish
2. In a frypan, fry mushrooms in a spray of olive oil. Add spinach and leave to wilt. Add Mexican chili beans and then thawed drained frozen corn.
3. When the mixture is heated through, add to the dish with the tacos.
4. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Grill until cheese is browned.

Work supplies me with a latte a little later.

For afternoon tea I eat my second to last apple with crackers and hummus (an unopened container! Yay!)

Checking my emails after work I delete both the Brown Sugar and Target emails without opening them. I feel brave and strong, especially as this morning I studiously ignored the advertisements telling me that Angus & Robertson is offering 20% off all DK travel guides and The National Library Bookshop 20% off sale ends today...

Dinner will be penne pasta with mushrooms (I cut up the last of them at lunchtime and split them evenly between lunch and dinner), zucchini and sun dried tomatoes. And a glass of wine.

So far, not too hard!

Finished today:

* Lebanese cucumber (see previous ruminations: re salad vegetables and autumn plus attached comments from Taph re: sprouting
* Mushrooms (replaceable!)
* Zucchini (also replaceable!)
* Mexican chili beans (definitely not on this month's shopping list - I'll have to make them from scratch if I feel the urge for Mexican again)


shanna said...

freeze your bananas! frozen bananas were a great treat when we were kids just take the peel off and wrap them in foil. they last for a good week or so in the freezer...i'm not too sure really how long they exactly last! we usually eat them as soon as they're frozen!! ooh! frozen chocolate covered bananas...mmmmm

ok, lost track of what i had originally wanted to, forozen bananas. i guess they would still be good if they were thawed.

Jejune said...

Thawed frozen bananas are good mushed up in muffins / cakes etc. Yum!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I tried a frozen banana once - didn't like it at all as it was all cold and hard. But I like the idea of freezing them for future use (assuming I can find some room in the freezer, which is awfully full of leftovers at the moment) or Knitting nutty's idea ( which would also use up some of the maple syrup someone gave me last year and I've not used yet...