Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fiscal Fast weekend round up (Days 16 and 17)

Saturday 16th June:

Brunch: Cup of tea. Pancakes with caramelised banana. Plunger coffee.

Lunchtime snack: Crostini left over from Thursday evening

Dinner: The rest of the tofu chili from Friday's pizza with slices of yummy scrummy home-made No Knead Bread.

Sunday 17th June:

Brunch: Cup of tea. Poached egg, curls of parmesan and wilted spinach on toast.

Lunch: Left over Mexican chili pie from Thursday that wouldn't fit in the freezer. Dark chocolate

Afternoon tea: Cinnamon pinwheel scones

Dinner: Cream of lentil soup and no knead bread.

Finished this weekend:

* Grated cheese (guess I'll be grating my own from now on... )
* Butter (on the list for Thursday.)
* Milk (I went and bought another carton: add $2.50 to the month's total)

Total spent since June 1: $107.58


Taphophile said...

You have the best breakfasts!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks - I figure the least I can do to keep myself on track is pretend I might be at a cafe for brunch on the weekends...

And it keeps me busy in the danger period of first thing Saturday when the urge to go op shopping is particularly strong :-}