Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day Six: Sew far so good...*

As you can see, the shoe bags are not complete, but not far off. Unfortunately the spool of brown thread I bought for the project is looking very very empty - I'm worried that I'll run out before I finish the last few bits of sewing I need to do. And then what? Do I break fast by trying to say it's an essential purchase? Do I put them aside to finish in another 24 days (not that I'm counting, no siree) or do I just use some black thread and figure no one's really going to notice anyway?

Actually, I should just stop thinking about it until it actually happens. Who knows, there might be just enough thread left after all...

Anyway, Day Six draws to a close. Sudden realisation hit me around mid afternoon (as I decided a hot chocolate would hit the spot and then remembered I'd used the last of the milk in my tea this morning) that unlike
last time, this madness doesn't all end tomorrow but carries on for another three weeks (and three days but who's... oh, sorry, been there already!)

And it doesn't help that I discover
this blog, full of black and white gorgeousness, over lunch. I have a kindred spirit in blogland...

Ah, yes, lunch... This brings me to the "What did I eat today part of the proceedings:

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Fruit toast with apricot spreadable fruit. Mango passion yoghurt (As I eat I toy with the idea of theming today around orange to match yesterday but decide that's just plain silly.) It's the last of the milk and the last pottle of yoghurt.

Morning tea: Crackers and cheese plus the last apple.

Lunch: A freezer special: Mediterranean pasta bean soup and toast made of Turkish bread (my last piece) with basil pesto on top.

Afternoon tea: A banana and a couple of triple chocolate biscuits (which aren't as exciting as they sound, honest)

Dinner: More freezer fare in the form of Pumpkin & spinach risotto

Finished today:
Milk (you think I can live 24 days without tea? Definitely replaceable!)
* Yoghurt (discussed previously)
* Apples (replaceable)
* Turkish bread (the jury's still out on this one...)

(*Sorry, couldn't resist...)


Margie said...

I would say anything that is going to be make or break for a due date for someone else is essential.
If not having the thread means you're going to let someone down then get the thread.

Plus I think milk is essential too. There's challenging onself and then there's self-torture...
Black tea. Ick.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Definitely with you there - black tea makes me want to hurl. As does peppermint tea (which I always think of as hot toothpaste.

Rosehip, on the otherhand is quite OK, espeically with a little honey...