Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just listed on eBay

I'm having a bit of a clean out around here so if you're in the market for a set of 1/12th scale Marcel Breuer Model B3 (Wassily) chairs and sofa head this way!
I'll also have some discounted Lundby dolls house "seconds" (mainly squished boxes) in my shop over the next day or so...


drey said...

Hi fellow Aussie blogger :) I discovered your website using some google keyword yesterday (of course I can't remmber that keyword now)... and have restarted up the passion to find a Kaleidoscope House! where do you buy your retro miniatures from? thanks!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Drew

Good luck on the hunt for a Kaleidoscope - when they come up on eBay these days they go for very silly amounts of money. Which completely (I thought) justified me being rather too sharp with a friend who decided to use mine as a wine table the other night :-)

I buy my retro minis mainly on eBay. Mainly the US, UK and German sites plus I also went through a patch buying on Tradera in Swedish (which I don't speak!)

There was also a stall at the Sydney show which used to sell vintage minis but they retired this year :-(

drey said...

yes i don't have GBP$700 for a dollhouse which is what they are going for right now on ebay. stupid amounts of money for which i need to spend on nappies! yes i'd think you were justified on telling your friend to use her/his lap rather than the KH! do you find dust a problem with the KH?

UK sellers... doesn't the shipping costs scare you?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Drew

There doesn't appear to be an email address on your blogger profile - perhaps you'd like to email me from the link on mine?

RG Maden in South Melbourne stocked the KH - there is a very slight chance they might have one still :-/

Dust doesn't seem to be too much of a problem except from the open skylight (stupid design feature - whenever it rains the house would flood if it were real)

When I was an ardent eBay buyer I just factired in the cost of postage when bidding. I found it odd, though, that I could get a dollshouse posted from the UK or Europe easily but the same house from the US would cost $250 to ship (yes, I learnt my lesson on that one!)

Now if only they'd put the Marc Newson KH car into production...

drey said...

hi, it's drey (short for audrey)

visit my blog on (you'll see KH on one of the top few posts) and perhaps you'll discover some mad interior design bluffs via BijouKaleidoscope :)

RG Maden??? WHat's the bet I will have to sell off one kidney for it (read my blogpost) :)