Friday, June 01, 2007


OK, so the whole "change the banner for a clever one" thing didn't work for those of us on Bloglines.

Let me put my thinking cap on....


gemma said...

the banner worked fine for me, oh Not Shopping Sherpa, and for a challenge I will join you too.
Its about time I used up stash and cooked from the pantry (I found Elephant Brand Quail Eggs in a can- what was I thinking?)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Gemma

Banner was great - the problem weas that new Blogger wanted a blog name - and in order to not have it printed over my premade banner I made the name "." which, I then discovered, had me coming up on Bloglines as "." - not what I intended.

I'll try and work out how to set up a webring so we can link up :-)

shanna said...

i think there's a way to get around that..let me look