Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 19 - an interesting mix

I spent most of the day bored out of my gourd. It was cold and raining, after all. I even toyed with the idea of doing a (much depleted) Pantry on Parade like Making Good Use did.

I ate. That was the excitement for the day. Until I checked my email and stuff.

Bloglog tells me I've hit a new record with visitors in a day: 190. Mainly from IKEA Hacker. I feel really bad. Like they've come for a visit and found me in my PJs. Blergh.

An email from Kerry: "Well hello and THANK YOU for the wrist-warmers! What a warm woolly surprise. Goodbye cold hand skin!
I read about them on your blog but had no idea they were for me!
I put them on as soon as I opened it, and even wore them to bed last night. I would've worn them in the shower, but y'know..."

I'm suddenly feeling much warmer...

AMP email me to say they're giving me money (yahoo!)

And Lovely L (long missing from my social life) invites me to a Contemporary Jewellery exhibition opening at The Front Gallery and Cafe in Lyneham.

So today on the Fiscal Fast? Not so bad after all...

Breakfast: Cup of Tea (applauded by The Tea Party Girl. Who would have thought that something so essential to me (like TP) is seen as an added extra in other parts of the world?!) Toast and peanut butter (that "I MADE that!" tingle still going strong around here) plus cereal and milk.

Morning Tea: Cinnamon Pinwheel scones (no need to act surprised here)

Lunch: Bliss in the form of oven baked fish and wedges. Unfortunately, the last of the fish...

Afternoon Tea: Cheese slices and stuffed olives. Thus using up the last of the olives. Tits.

Dinner: Cream of Lentil Soup leftovers with "garlic bread" made with no knead bread, olive oil and garlic.

Finished today:

* Frozen fish (Ha ha ha ha ha)
* Stuffed olives (ditto)

Total spent since June 1: $107.58


Jejune said...

Oh dear, sounds like hysterical laughter there... are you *sure* fish and olives aren't on the Essential for Life list?

The Contemporary Jewellery exhibition sounds like fun!

Elizabeth said...

Hi - Have just been reading all you Fiscal Fast posts - what a brilliant idea. Not sure I could be so disciplined but good on you for doing so well.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh Jejune, I'm sure, especially as the fish is lemon pepper flavoured crumbed and (unnaturally) fillet shaped. Now if it had been a slab of locally caught fish that would be a different story.

Olives isn't too much of a disaster - I still have some of a jar of sliced black olives if I get desperate.

And thanks Elizabeeth - your comment has turned my "PJs" into a "Lounging Suit" if you know what I mean...