Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fiscal Fast weekend round up (Days 23 & 24)

Saturday 23rd June:

Brunch: Cup of tea. Omlette with mushrooms, cheese and parsley.

Lunch: Coleslaw with cabbage, the last apple from Day Seven, 2 sticks of that bloody celery from Day 14 and some toasted sunflower seeds (I made a bit too much so have a large bowl of leftovers in the fridge but it's so yummy I'm tempted to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it's gone...)

Afternoon tea: Still warm no-knead bread with local honey. Latte with S.

Dinner: Pumpkin and chickpea casserole, bread with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping bowl. Chocolate. (Remember the pumpkin, also bought on Day Seven? I figured I really should get around to eating it...)

Sunday 24th June (a day of lasting):

Breakfast: Tea. Toast with strawberry and rhubarb jam. The last of the yoghurt (which I should have kept for this evening's dinner, I realised just after I finished it)

Morning tea: The last of the Day 14's chocolate supplies. I'm pretty proud I've managed to eek it out for 10 days!

Lunch: The freezer is stripped of its last salmon pattie and last wholemeal roll. The cupboard under the microwave of the last potato. And I make salmon burger with wedges and coleslaw. Homemade junk food! Excellent!

Dinner: On the menu for tonight is rice with leftover spiced lentils and mango chutney. See how some yoghurt would have worked really nicely? Pah!

Instead I might just explore my cookbooks to see how hard it is to make some sort of Indian bread...

Finished this weekend:

* Pumpkin (may be replaced next week depending on how I feel)
* Onions (oops, should have checked supplies before I went to the Farmers' Market yesterday!)
* Garlic (ditto above but a much more serious lack - might have to make an emergency purchase here...)
* Office tissues (have already tucked a hanky into the pocket of this week's hoodie coverup)
* Yoghurt (only 3 days til payday. I'm sure I'll cope)
* Wholemeal rolls (maybe I'll experiment at making next weekend's bread wholemeal and rolls. Oh - except next Sunday's July 1st so I could just go buy some. Interesting concept...)
* Salmon patties (this is only a very occasional purchase anyway, like fresh pasta. So off the list)
* Chocolate (I suppose if I get desperate I could always raid the swap smarties again!)

Bought today:

* Whiskettes (OK, I couldn't cope after just 24 hours - I did, however check the "natural" ones but they're from the USA. I decided local is best, right?)
* Dishwashing liquid (also gave up there. Bad bad me)

Total cost: $5.78

Total spent since June 1: $142.96

And now I'm off to watch Flight of the Conchords: A Texan Odyssey on YouTube.

After both tiny happy and someone else on my blogroll (can't remember who, sorry!) both mentioned them in the past few days I remembered my Dad had given me a video when I was over at Christmas simply marked Flight of the Conchords*. I had no idea what it was and it's been sitting on my pile of "things to watch when I get a chance".

But after two rave reviews I sat down last night to watch it. And was thoroughly enjoying it. Until it stopped suddenly. So now I'm off to find the end online (dontcha love the internet?)

(* Sort of makes up for me randomly sending them a tape of Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced a while back, doesn't it?)

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Taphophile said...

Glad that poor Nibbs got the Whiskettes; it's a reasonable expenditure. Strawberry and rhubarb jam sounds interesting.