Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day Five: Browned off

Brown seems to be the (unintentional) theme for today. Probably because I'm in the middle of plotting a swap parcel using existing stuff for someone who likes brown and orange and has made me an offer I can't refuse and so it has slipped into my subconscious...

Breakfast is a cup to tea and Date Delicious flavoured Oat Temptations.

For morning tea I have more crackers and hummus.

Lunchtime rolls around and I make Satay baked tofu with udon noodles and vegetables (a great store cupboard standby) even though I have no garlic to add and am having major olive oil spray issues as the weather gets colder. I do a double batch so half can go into the freezer for later.

As I sit on my (brown) sofa eating lunch I spy a fluffy brown visitor with eight legs scuttling across the wall. We have a discussion, which results in him (her?) being relocated outside.

By afternoon tea time I've twigged to the day's theme and thus make a pot of plunger coffee which I drink with *whimper* the last of the Lindt.

Dinner is an Indian ready meal from the freezer (brown, of course!) with rice.

And I might, just maybe, actually finish the second (brown and black) set of shoe bags tonight... But don't hold your breath!

Finished today:

* Frozen stir fry vegetables (definitely not replaceable!)
* Chocolate (WAAAAAAAAH!)

1 comment :

Jejune said...

I finished my Lindt yesterday, and completely sympathise :(

What colour will your day be tomorrow, I wonder?