Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 20 - Not feeling much of a...

as I rediscovered my stash of black and white smarties when I ventured into my black and white swap box. Yes folks, not only do I still have chocolate in the fridge from a week ago (a shocking enough fact in itself) but I'd forgotten I had ten boxes of smarties in my workroom. Duh!

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Toast with banana and honey. Yoghurt.

Morning tea: Smarties!

Lunch: Leftover sweet and sour tofu from Monday.

Afternoon tea: Apple and a wedge of blue brie.

Dinner: Leftover baked pumpkin and feta fettucine from the freezer. Cup of rosehip tea.

Total spent since June 1: $107.58


sarah said...

keep up the good work! sarah ngsxo

Jejune said...

Hurrah for Secret Surprise Smartie Stash!