Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pretty bloody chuffed!

In the past 24 hours I've:

1. Sewn up three pairs of wristlets (one pair to go)
2. Washed the kitchen and bathroom floors

3. Yelled at a pack of yobbos who were trying to steal my letterbox at 11:30 last night.

4. Finally finished those dratted shoe bags (and had thread to spare - see no need to worry!) 5. Dealt with the pile of mending that's been lurking in the corner of my workroom for ages. I'm particularly stoked about this:Which was created because I spilt a blob of oil from a jar of sun dried tomatoes slap bang in the middle of the T shirt a couple of months ago. Rather than throw the shirt out I flung it into the mending pile and today inspiration hit me.

Remember around this time last year I bought a pair of chinese black and white spotty PJs from The Smith Family in Goulburn for $7.50? I dug out the top from them and cut a rectangle from it to cover the stain then chose some ribbon from the stash I collected at Michael's in Philadelphia last year to edge it with.

Sewed both onto the shirt then took the pants and edged the legs with some more of the ribbon to make it look more like a set rather than just random bits of clothing.Doing that brought back memories of my Mum in the 70s doing similar with my sister's trousers - I don't know if she'd grown out of them or ripped them but they ended up with a tartan edging around the hems and a fish appliqued on one knee. From memory the fish ended up upside down so was given a bubble with "Oops!" above its head.

Anyway, I digress. I'm stoked that I created something usable out of a 6 year old T shirt that was destined for the bin.

6. And the fun continued when I was putting the ribbon away and spied my fabric markers. Haven't done any colouring in for a while the latest TSS foldable shopper!7. Had a visit from J & M who delivered their belated birthday present to me. Or should I say "presentS"?

They arrived with potting mix, plants and a funky black and while watering can and proceeded to creat an oasis of black and white (and green) pansies on the front porch where once there was, well, not a lot. What a super-thoughtful long-lasting (hopefully!) present!7. And now I'm off to clear the dining table of drifts of fabric, buttons and braid and whip up dinner and dessert for four. Have a good night!


Taphophile said...

I'm very impressed with your industriousness - but absolutely ga-ga over the bag and the jarmies. Creative, thrifty, fantastic!

shanna said...

ooh! i like the shopping fabric colored in!