Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 13: Unlucky for some (but not for me)

Life in the TSS Frugal Fast House seems to be back on track. I suspect yesterday's tanty was caused by the knowledge that I was missing out on the DJ's sale evening. Not that I really need anything but old habits die hard. (After, it would seem, a little moaning, groaning and sulking.)

It's been bloody freezing today. I've found myself wanting to do dishes as the concept of having my hands in hot water for a period of time is suddenly awfully enticing.

And I have the most awful craving for a packet of Allen's Snakes Alive which definitely doesn't fit within the rules of the challenge.

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Apricot Oat temptations and milk.

Morning tea: The last cracker with cheese and an apple.

Lunch: Freshly made Cream of Carrot Soup, whipped up from the classic Alison Holst's Meals without Meat and chosen to use up the last of the cream from Sunday night.

It wasn't until I'd popped the toasted crumpets with cheese under the griller that I realised I probably shouldn't be having cheese again as I'd had it for morning tea but by then it was too late. Oh well, lunch was delicious (if a little monochromatic!)

Afternoon tea: The last of Sunday's Tarawera chocolate sponge cake.

Dinner: I'm off to V & M and E's for dinner tonight. I have no idea what I'm eating. Which makes a very nice change after the past couple of weeks...

Finished today:

* Crackers (Not being replaced)

Total spent since June 1: $37.01

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