Friday, June 08, 2007

Day Eight: "D" Day

D is for Discounts at the David Jones pre-clearance night this coming Tuesday. My invitation arrived in this morning's mail. I won't be going, of course, but realise the added burden of scheduling my month-long Fiscal Fast for prime sale season... D is for Delicious Deliveries. Also in this morning's mail was my Moo card order from last month. Anyone fancy doing swapsies?
D is for Death. My upstairs phone died this morning. D is also for Dad, who was trying to ring and discovered this fact. Luckily I have another phone I can use but I'm bummed out as it presents me with another of those fix it or replace it decisions. Which I don't have to make til next month!D is for Dry. Which is what three loads of washing are after a short time on the line on this incredibly windy Canberra day.

And also the state of Chateau TSS as I drank the last of my wine this evening!

And, lastly, D is for Daily update:

Breakfast: Cup of white tea (did I mention this "real" milk tastes funny?). Wholegrain toast with honey and a banana.

Morning Tea: Crackers with a wedge of blue brie and an apple.

Lunch: I was fortunate to have a working lunch and had a toasted focaccia with smoked salmon, alfalfa sprouts, capers and mozzarella cheese served with salad and a latte.

Afternoon tea: Still working. Two lattes.

Dinner: My last portion of "Fresh" (before I froze it!) spinach and ricotta ravioli with Dolmio sauce.

Finished today:

* Just the pasta, which is only an occasional treat, bought when it's on special and immediately frozen into meal sized portions.
* Wine. The less said about that the better, OK?

Total spent since June 1: $26.86


Taphophile said...

You are doing impressively well. One of the reasons I can't join you on the FF this month is the DJ sale. I have birthday and Christmas money saved to spend on stuff I can't buy at the usual exclusive boutiques (sports shoes for example) and it's also my baby brother's birthday and he has expensive taste in shirts - I can only afford to buy them at the DJs sale. I'll be there on Tuesday night fighting off women with large-necked loved ones for the three shirts in his size.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Well I'd say baded on the fact you're teaching me stuff (or reminding me of stuff I've forgotten) you're pretty damned frugal to start with :-)