Monday, September 08, 2008

My burning questions for the day...

1. What is this chair?!I can identify the rest of my Reac collection but this one's eluding me. Which is particularly frustrating because I'm pretty sure I read about it at great length in the Phaidon Design Classic Books I borrowed from the library a while back.

2. Why, when I read an article in NZ Home & Entertaining in 2006 about the Futuro House, and decided that on my next trip to New Zealand that I should hunt down the one I remember in Petone (no longer there, alas) did I have no idea there was one not more than 10 minute's walk from my front door?

I stumbled across it (not literally) this morning as I went for a stroll to time how long it would take The Parental Units to get from their hotel to my place by either the bike path or the main road. Did I have my camera with me? No. Tomorrow I plan to return.

3. Why did I wonder if I needed to count Miss Daisy's new front tyres In when they'd only be balanced (hardy har) by the old ones being counted Out?

4. How on earth am I going to get through the massive piece of pumpkin I have and the mountain of spinach I bought before they go off without becoming heartily sick of oven baked pumpkin and spinach risotto?

(PS: The freezer's already chockers)


m1k1 said...

Did you mean what is that chair called if it was a real sized chair, or which toy maker was it?
I have it as a Helmut Batzner Bofinger model BA1171 (1964-66).
At least it looks like it from the angle in the pictures in not 1 but 2 books on chairs. See! Research material, not mindless consumption.
Don't know anything about it as a 1:12 model.

Anonymous said...

There's always pumpkin and spinach scones and pumpkin and spinach quiche.

gemma said...

Pumpkin and blue cheese pizza (with spinach)! pumpkin soup, spinach frittata?

ninaribena said...

Hi ya, my book on design chairs has it as designed by Helmut Batzner, and named Bofinger, model no. BA1171. ..."was the first single piece plastic chair suitable for mass-production" circa 1964-66.

and thenI found this: