Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pleasure, little treasure(s)

I miss frugalling when I don't have the time to do the rounds of my fave haunts on a regular basis. This week I managed a couple of lightening lunchtime strikes and, for a grand sum of $20.90, netted this little lot: 1. The Liners: A history of the world's great passenger ships, a 200 minute long double video which I snapped up off the shelf as soon as I spied it. Tania and I already have plans to watch it together some time very very soon. ($6)
2. Love Thongs CD by locals Frencham Smith. My
Folk Festival attending friends all have a copy of this and play it often. I particularly like the track Maryanne which includes the lyrics:

"She goes shopping at Salvation Army stores
Gets better stuff than you would find in a shopping mall.
Picture frames and cups and plates, records of jazz and folk
Twenty two ashtrays in the house and we don't even smoke"

(You can listen to the full track on their MySpace page) Fittingly, this came from Phillip Salvos ($3)
3. Wishbone by
Marion Halligan. Another local. ($2)
4. 17 metres of stripy grosgrain ribbon ($6.40) How could I not?
5. Vintage
Helena Rubinstein Cleansing and Massage Cream jar. Beautiful. ($2)
6. The ubiquitous cream and black knitting needles. ($1.50)

And tempting as it is to go out op shopping this morning I'm being strong and staying home. After a mad crazy three days it's blissful to have nothing pressing to do until this evening (and that only involves a 5 minute drive to feed friends' cats. I might even walk if this weather holds up). All my dolls houses are packed and ready to be picked up next week, so for the first time in over three months I don't have to clean and mend and furnish and photograph. I do have to sort out the photos for Monday's
Parade of Houses but that can wait until tomorrow.

Today I'm pottering. With the windows thrown wide open to catch the fresh spring breezes and a little jazz on the CD player to keep me company...

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