Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008 Week 4: In which I'm gobsmacked I made it after the Lifeline Bookfair blowout!


* 1 black string bag (gift from a friend)
* 1 silver dolls house Christmas tree (eBay)
* 1 Liner book to go with the video series I bought (Amazon UK)
* 1 Modernism magazine (subscription)
* 3 pieces of Lundby Blue Heaven bedroom furniture. (eBay)
* 1 pair shoes (gift from a colleague)
* 1 laptop desk thingy for watching DVDs in bed without cooking your legs, 3 black canvases and a tube of black acrylic paint and
3 balls Powder Puff: gift from a friend who's clearing out her flat in readiness for her return to the USA.
* 1 copy of The Lundby Letter (subscription)
* 1 Wallpaper magazine (newsagents)

* 29 books and 11 CDs (Lifeline Bookfair fallout)
* 1 stripy T shirt, 1 pair black shoes and 3 CDs (like I needed any more!): Salvos.
* 2 bookmarks, 2 books: Melbourne trip (one of these books is super-exciting: more info in the next couple of days!)

Total In this week: 67


* 2 pairs of opaque pantihose which are fine except for the fact they slowly fall down every time I wear them and drive me nuts (bin)
* 2 magazines: donated to the lunchroom at work
* 1 image software: donated to a friend who says she doesn't have any on her computer.
* 15 books: posted to a friend as post-study candyfloss for the brain
* 2 coathangers: finally returned to the drycleaners after hanging off my banister for so long it's embarrassing!

* 1 pair size 7 Converse One Stars, one size too big, bought off eBay a couple of years ago in desperation (I thought I could wear thick socks with them). They make me feel like Ronald McDonald: donated to a friend.
* 50 old Elle Decoration mags: sitting in the boot of the car waiting to go to the Lifeline Bookfair collection box first thing in the morning.
* 2 comic books: donated to my favorite 10 year old.
* 1 Sept US Vogue: given to Miggs for airplane reading

Total Out this week: 76


2 mini shaggy rugs

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring/ Summer: 98


MTB Girl said...

Where can you drop off things for the Lifeline Bookfair? I have lots of magazines to donate and I didn't get around to it in time for this year.

AMCSviatko said...

Their depot is at 66 Hefferen Street Mitchell (with donation box outside).

If that's too far I believe Blockbuster Video stores are also collection points (ring and check first in case this has changed)

Taphophile said...

Blockbuster isn't collecting anymore.

Anonymous said...

That Lifeline Bookfair is doing you such damage, it really sounds like it must a book Mecca.