Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008 Week 3: a problem of mass

The numbers look good this week. But if you decide to measure mass it doesn't quite work. For instance one desk chair and one suitcase take up a hell of a lot more room than 34 hair elastics, 8 hairclips and 2 small bottles of perfume!


* 1 US Elle (subscription)
* 1
desk chair
* 1
vintage suitcase, 1 1971 Fisher Price schoolhouse (I didn't mention that, did I?) * 1 IKEA catalogue
* 1 Lundby dolls house light, 2 Tomy dolls house planter boxes, 1 Tomy dolls house towel. (eBay)
* 1 Madison magazine (subscription) * 1 dolls house bearskin rug (which cracks me up), 1 picture, 1 bath and 1 toilet. (eBay)
* 1 hand made bracelet (gift from a friend)
* 1 souvenir pad from Alice Springs given to me by my boss
* 2 pairs knitting needles plus 9 loose (let's just say 7 pairs, shall we?), 6 magazines, 1 CD, 1 ornament and 1 apron from yesterday's
frugalling foray.

Total In this week: 32


* 16 items of clothing and 7 bags: sent off to be checked over by various people and the leftovers donated.
* The contents of a tin I discovered from the very short period of time when I had hair long enough to consider doing something with: 34 hair elastics, 8 hairclips. Plus 2 small bottles of perfume: donated to a friend's daughter.

Total Out this week: 67

Shake-it-all-about: * 2 mini mattresses, 2 mini sheets, 2 mini blankets (I decided it was idiotic deciding to handsew them as no one is going to be looking that closely at them and most of the edges would be tucked in anyway...)

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008: 89

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Leah said...

Oh, I love that schoolhouse. I had one when small, and now my kids play with it. Makes me smile just to think of it!