Thursday, March 19, 2009

All rather too exciting really!

Here are the highlights of today (in chronological order):

1. I stumbled across a copy of this fabulous recent releasein The Portrait Gallery bookshop while there with J this morning helping find a birthday present for her niece. I just had to bring it home with me even though it was ouchily expensive and I shouldn't be buying books as The Lifeline Bookfair starts tomorrow. (Ye olde Collection Development Policy demanded it...)

2. I've arranged my birthday lunch. With my cruise buddies. In Noumea. And they said lunch is their shout. Wee hee!

3. As if that wasn't enough excitement I've been offered a free season pass to The National Folk Festival over Easter. My first time there. There's even a camping pass included if I feel the need to pitch a tent 3 and a half kilometres from home...


Sarah said...

The book is superb - i got it before Christmas - you'll love it xx

JustJess said...

YES I KNOW I SHOULD be at the book fair, but just can't get out of jammies... The best thing about camping that close to home is going home for all the things you forgot! Sounds like lots of fun. We've never been either - look forward to a run-down!