Thursday, March 26, 2009

New toy

No, not the Kaleidoscope House but my "new" Canon IXUS 500. 5 mega pixels! 3 minutes of video! (Err... far more than I was really wanting to pay but it's the last generation that takes CF cards and I "need" a higher res camera for class next term)

The only problem is (apart from the fact my coffers are emptying rather too fast at the moment) that I now officially have a collection of IXUS cameras: my original IXUS 1 (which makes the cost of this one look like a total bargain), the IXUS 2 I bought off eBay last year, and now my IXUS 5...

Hey! Do you think CMAG might be interested for a future Cabinets of Curiosities exhibition ("My three cameras")?


Anonymous said...

I have an IXUS something or other and they are a great little camera. Plus $100 cheaper than my last camera and nearly twice as many megapixels etc.

drey said...

hey! that was a short vid! longer!! i loved looking/peeking into the KH!