Monday, March 30, 2009

Modern Miniatures on Monday: Mon Oncle in miniature in Melbourne!

Spotted at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image's exhibition Setting the scene (and surreptitiously photographed as the signs definitely said NO PHOTOGRAPHY. I'm a bad bad person)Here's a clip with the front yard from the actual film:

And a wee video I had to take of the rolling eye windows:

Not only was it a wonderfully evocative model but there were buttons to push which did things like ring the gate bell, make the garage door open and shut, the dog move up and down the driveway and the fish fountain start playing.

Damned shame I haven't managed to actually see the movie yet. There was a DVD copy in the ACMI shop but I was strong and reminded myself this was a trip on a tight budget: a tight budget that didn't include $39 DVDs, no matter how much I wanted to see them...

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