Monday, March 23, 2009

Sewing and secret messages

"Sew this page" it said. So I did,trying out a number of different approaches (I bet these are the only buttonholes to be found in a WTJ!)

And the message? It links to this pagewhich, as I was creating it, caused a sudden flashback to my most favourite comic of all time: Groo the Wanderer. (Anyone else read this?)

In every issue of Groo there was a secret message. My memory gets a bit hazy here: either there was one secret message and several others that said "This is not the secret message", or possibly the actual secret message read as above. (It was a long time ago!)

Whichever is correct, I suddenly had the urge to supplement my actual secret message withseveral"Not"messages...

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Rachel said...

Two words: You Rock.