Monday, March 30, 2009

Melbourne trip part 1: Car knitting

Because isn't that the main reason you accept a fairly last-minute invitation to act as ballast on a trip to Melbourne: sixteen hours uninterrupted knitting time?

I rang friend Kerry, who I was staying with. She ordered an ear flap hat, as the only ones she'd seen retail were acrylic and since she's a good Kiwi girl she knows sheep's the shit. She even offered to pay for the wool. Since the wool is part of a $5 bag of Bendi I picked up at Salvos Mitchell, I declined the offer. It seemed churlish to demand 95 cents from her...

I did learn a very important lesson on Friday night: either cut the (unused) second colour when it gets dark in the car or stop knitting:There was a bit of tinking once we arrived at the motel in Wodonga before the knitting was set aside for the chance to play with J's toy computer...Kerry was very happy with her hat, if a little shocked that it was finished so quickly. I was just happy that it turned out exactly as I'd imagined and that I'd remembered how to do crocheted edging after not doing it for something like 25 years...(Note matching wrist warmers, knitted between Wodonga and Melbourne, and jar of lovely homemade jam!)

Ear flap ties were requested, with tassels. I obliged, courtesy of Kerry's new crochet hooks:

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